Baby Jesus (New/Untitled Album)


Hello Lori and Red Eye Team,
The following Soundcloud playlist contains seventeen tracks from Baby Jesus's sophomore album, the title of which is forthcoming. Additionally, these are the unmastered takes. The final versions should be ready in the near future along with cover art.
The release continues to explore the realm of psychedelic garage punk at the core of their first album,  while also fleshing out the relaxing desert-surf psych at the debut's backend. The result is a work with a greater range of sounds, styles, moments, and paces at times reminiscent of the Black Lips and Night Beats and other times more mellow like the Allah-Las, Growlers, or Mystic Braves.
Thank you for taking a peak at these tracks, and I will certainly keep you posted as things progress.
- Ryan
Songs of note:
Down South (Track 3): A down-homey garage-punk tune full of the grit, twang, and fun one would expect to hear in a Dead Ghosts song.
You and I (Track 10): Beautiful, warm, whimsical, and croony surf-rock heart-stealer with a lovely little guitar flourish at 2:28 kicking into a cool breakdown at 3:04. 
Do What I Want (Track 14): This good old fashioned garage-stomper kicks off with a really simple but great little lick at :09.


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