Fiery, raw, and raucous, four-piece garage rockers, Baby Jesus, are keeping rock and roll alive and well in their hometown of Halmstad, Sweden, with psychedelic flare, a punk edge, and enough energy to heat up a hearty dinner of Sjömansbiff for 12. Their second and latest offering is “Took Our Sons Away”, a 14-track LP that digs beyond the screeching fuzz of their self-titled debut to explore a variety of new moods, moments, lyrical themes, and instrumental textures. Simultaneously, it picks up from where they left off capturing the high-energy of their sweat-soaked live sets via a range of frat-rock throwbacks, honky surf stompers, and other upbeat rockers. The result is a diverse yet cohesive blend of rock sounds sure to soothe the soul.

Baby Jesus-Took Our Sons Away (Vinyl)

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