The Oblio's and the Bolos of San Antonio, Texas have teamed up with Yippee Ki Yay Records to release a super dandy split cassette tape-- eight tracks total with four songs from each band.

On Side A, the Oblio's launch into their heavy fuzz laden attack that is at the sometime punctuated by well orchestrated swells of riffs, breaks, and melodies. An exciting listen, for sure.

The Bolos kick Side B into action with their signature brand of Texas booze blues-- a twangily wild, garagey, and dirtied up four tracks of rock and roll perfectly tailored to the San Antonio landscape.

Note: Purchase of tape comes with follow up digital download.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Please email ryan at with what you would like along with a mailing address. You will be emailed back with a total cost (item+shipping). Thank you! 

The Oblio's vs The Bolos (Split Tape)

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